Winners of the 2022 IFComp

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1st place The Grown-Up Detective Agency by Brendan Patrick Hennessy @bphennessy
2nd place The Absence of Miriam Lane by Abigail Corfman
3rd place A Long Way to the Nearest Star by SV Linwood
4th place The Archivist and the Revolution by Autumn Chen @RedAutumn666
5th place Trouble in Sector 471 by Arthur DiBianca
6th place According to Cain by Jim Nelson @_jimnelson_
7th place January by litrouke @litrouke
8th place The Only Possible Prom Dress by Jim Aikin
9th place The Princess of Vestria by Kai Oyinloye @Koyinloye (writing as “KPO”)
10th place Prism by Eliot M.B. Howard @firstlightwrite
11th place A Chinese Room by Milo van Mesdag @MiloMesdag
12th place Blood Island by Billy Krolick @williamkrolick
13th place The Thirty Nine Steps by Graham Walmsley @grahamwalmsley
14th place A Walk Around the Neighborhood by Leo Weinreb @timelee9
15th place Arborea by richard develyn
16th place Use Your Psychic Powers at Applebee's by Geoffrey Golden @geoffreygolden
17th place (tie) Esther's by Brad and Alleson Buchanan
17th place (tie) Under the Bridge by Samantha Khan
19th place The Alchemist by Jim MacBrayne (writing as “Older Timer”)
20th place Admiration Point by Rachel Helps @rachel_helps
21st place CHASE THE SUN by Frankie Kavakich @brankiee
22nd place (tie) Crash by Phil Riley @rileypb
22nd place (tie) Lazy Wizard's Guide by Lenard Gunda @Lenardg
22nd place (tie) Cannelé & Nomnom - Defective Agency by Younès R. & Yazaleea and co-written by:
25th place Into The Sun by Dark Star
26th place No One Else Is Doing This by Lauren O'Donoghue @LHODonoghue
27th place Nose Bleed by Stanley W. Baxton @stanwixbuster
28th place (tie) Lost Coastlines by William Dooling @theodidactus
28th place (tie) Let Them Eat Cake by Alicia Morote @aliciamorote_
30th place One Way Ticket by Vitalii Blinov
31st place The Counsel in The Cave by Joshua Fratis @FratisJosh
32nd place (tie) Elvish for Goodbye by David Gürçay-Morris
32nd place (tie) Lucid by Caliban's Revenge
34th place A Matter of Heist Urgency by FLACRabbit
35th place Who Shot Gum E. Bear? by Damon L. Wakes
36th place You Feel Like You've Read this in a Book by Austin Lim @docaustinlim
37th place The Thick Table Tavern by manonamora @manonamora
38th place You May Not Escape! by Charm Cochran @Over__Thinkings
39th place (tie) Graveyard Strolls by Adina Brodkin @AdinaBrodkin
39th place (tie) Thanatophobia by Robert Goodwin
41st place Low-Key Learny Jokey Journey by Andrew Schultz @anandrewschultz
42nd place Inside by Ira Vlasenko @loonyloome
43rd place The Last Christmas Present by JG Heithcock
44th place U.S. Route 160 by Sangita V Nuli
45th place Campus Invaders by Marco Vallarino @marcovallarino
46th place Witchfinders by Tania Dreams
47th place i wish you were dead. by Sofía Abarca
48th place INK by Sangita V Nuli
49th place Approaching Horde! by CRAIG RUDDELL
50th place To Persist/Exist/Endure, Press 1 by Anthony O @antolsz
51st place The Tin Mug by Alice E. Wells, Sia See and Jkj Yuio
52nd place Zero Chance of Recovery by Andrew Schultz @anandrewschultz
53rd place Glimmer by Katie Benson
54th place One Final Pitbull Song (at the End of the World) by StamblerRambler @StamblerRambler (writing as “Paige Morgan”)
55th place Am I My Brother's Keeper? by Nadine Rodriguez @nrodri_
56th place The Lottery Ticket by Dorian Passer, Anton Chekhov
57th place Hanging by threads by Carlos Pamies @_Pamies96
58th place The Pool by Jacob Reux @JacobReux
59th place Death by Lightning by Chase Capener @chasecapener
60th place The Hidden King's Tomb by Joshua Fratis @FratisJosh
61st place The Staycation by Maggie H
62nd place Through the Forest with the Beast by Star
63rd place An Alien's Mistaken Impressions of Humanity's Pockets by Andrew Howe
64th place Lost at the market by Nynym
65th place HOURS by aidanvoidout
66th place Headlights by Jordan White
67th place Jungle adventure by Paul Barter
68th place Tower of Plargh by William Moore (writing as “caranmegil”)
69th place 4 Edith + 2 Niki by fishandbeer @roboman78
70th place Traveller's Log by Null Sandez

The organizer of the 2022 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Jacqueline Ashwell.