Winners of the 2002 IFComp

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1st place Earth and Sky 2: Another Earth, Another Sky by Paul O'Brian
2nd place Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me by Mike Sousa and Jon Ingold
3rd place Photograph: A Portrait of Reflection by Steve Evans
4th place The Moonlit Tower by Yoon Ha Lee
5th place Janitor by Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn
6th place The PK Girl by Robert Goodwin, Helen Trevillion, Nanami Nekono, and Oya-G
7th place Tookie's Song by Jessica Knoch
8th place Fort Aegea by Francesco Bova
9th place The Temple by Johan Berntsson
10th place Jane by Joseph Grzesiak
11th place MythTale by Temari Seikaiha
12th place Unraveling God by Todd Watson
13th place (tie) Identity Thief by Rob Shaw-Fuller
13th place (tie) Augustine by Terrence V. Koch
15th place Rent-A-Spy by John Eriksson
16th place (tie) The Granite Book by James Mitchelhill
16th place (tie) Eric's Gift by Joao Mendes
18th place When Help Collides by J. D. Berry
19th place (tie) Evacuate by Jeff Rissman
19th place (tie) Constraints by Martin Bays
21st place Sun And Moon by David Brain
22nd place Not Much Time by Tyson Ibele
23rd place Hell: A Comedy of Errors by John Evans @Chaoseed
24th place (tie) Out of the Study by Anssi Räisänen
24th place (tie) Color and Number by Steven Kollmansberger
26th place BOFH by Howard A. Sherman
27th place The Case of Samuel Gregor by Stephen Hilderbrand
28th place A Party to Murder by David Good
29th place Screen by Edward Floren
30th place Concrete Paradise by Tyson Ibele
31st place Scary House Amulet! by Ricardo Dague
32nd place Coffee Quest II by Dog Solitude
33rd place Four Mile Island by Chris Charla
34th place Moonbase by Mike Eckardt
35th place Koan by Esa Peuha
36th place (tie) Ramon and Jonathan by Daniele A. Gewurz
36th place (tie) Terrible Lizards by Alan Mead and Ian Mead
38th place Blade Sentinel by Mihalis Georgostathis

The organizer of the 2002 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Stephen Granade.