Colossal Fund Donors: 2021

The following IF community members supported IFComp through their contributions to 2021's Colossal Fund. We salute their generosity!

Platinum bar donors (contributed $1000 or more)

Pot of gold donors (contributed between $500 and $999)

2 anonymous adventurers.

Silver chalice donors (contributed between $100 and $499) well as 19 anonymous adventurers.

Jade figurine donors (contributed between $50 and $99) well as 5 anonymous adventurers.

Brass bauble donors (contributed between $1 and $49) well as 25 anonymous adventurers.

The Colossal Fund

Support IFComp and its authors through a charitable gift to The Colossal Fund, providing a cash prize pool for top IFComp entries! Learn more about it, and see who has contributed this year.

We've raised $10,396 so far!

At the current donation level, the first-place IFComp entry will receive $500 (assuming 71 entries).